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Backup & Disaster Recovery - ThinkGard, the leader in backup and disaster recovery solutions. DraaS

Backup & Disaster Recovery

What if your company abruptly lost its IT system and essential information due to a natural disaster, theft, human error, system failure or ransomware? 

How long could you conduct business without your information? Do you have a backup and disaster recovery strategy to get it all back quickly?

ThinkGard offers comprehensive, dependable disaster recovery and data backup solutions for businesses just like yours. Think DRaas , Disaster Recovery as a Service.

We make sure that your company’s data is protected from loss due to hackers, theft, system failures, and unanticipated disasters through our proven backup and disaster recovery plans. It’s simply not enough to have backup data at your facility.

If your office was ruined or destroyed, your backup would almost certainly be gone as well. With a backup copy located safely off-site, your company could still access your systems and your data even if your physical location was entirely lost. While this situation might not seem likely, there are many other threats to your data, such as ransomware, hackers and network crashes, which might bring productivity to a halt.

ThinkGard’s complete backup and data recovery products include:

Safe backup copies of your IT infrastructure in our bicoastal U.S. offsite data centers, offering protection from natural disasters and illegal access

Access to your data backups via our dedicated servers

Frequent backups of your business data on an hourly basis

Instant Virtualization of your servers, applications and data which can be used as a replacement within a few minutes in the event of an emergency

Monthly predictable invoicing for all your data protection services – No surprise charges

Ransomware Detection Modern total data protection solutions, like ThinkGard’s take snapshot-based, incremental backups as frequently as every five minutes to create a series of recovery points. If your business suffers a ransomware attack, this technology allows you to roll-back your data to a point-in-time before the corruption occurred.