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How much priority can an MSP give your backups?

We love managed service providers (MSPs). They fill a huge void for companies with limited IT resources. But at what point does the MSP start having limited resources too? MSPs, just like fully staffed IT departments, run into the same…

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The Decision To Do Nothing

So, I read a post on social media where a gentleman was asking if there was a risk management document out there that could be submitted to application owners, business owners and system admins who after a consultation decide not…

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“This Is Peggy” Where’s Your Data?

So, one day, we were all hanging out in the conference room and somehow the conversation came up about where our data centers for our customer’s backups are located. Someone spoke up and did a pretty good imitation (accent and…

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If You’re Not 100 Percent Certain

Being born and raised in the south (like me), at some point in your life you’ve most likely attended a church where at the end of the service (when you’re starving to death), there’s that one little thing that has…

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Risk – Workplace Injury Or Ransomware Hit?

When you hear the words “Risk Management” what’s the first thing that comes to mind? If you’re like many business owners the first thing that comes to mind is workers’ compensation, safety and liability insurance. But looking across your entire…

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The Cost To Protect Your Data- My 8 Cents Worth

We’ve all heard the phrase, “time is money”. Last week I had the opportunity to witness a great example of “time is money”. We’ll rewind for a few seconds to a year ago when ThinkGard moved into our new digs.…

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RFP? Look At The Vendor Who Says “No”

Recently, I’ve received several government RFP’s that as written, could put the agency requesting the proposal and the vendor both at risk. Now, I made the decision a long time ago that I wouldn’t attempt to fit a square peg…

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Top 10 Reasons Why Shoppers Don’t Buy Backup & Disaster Recovery Systems

It amazes me how many IT Directors and Administrators who shop for backup and disaster recovery solutions never commit to buy. Not from us or any other vendor. We typically ask them why they didn’t purchase. The data is in…

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Will You Be Scrambling?

A severe storm system rolled across the South for a second day Tuesday, knocking out electricity to tens of thousands as it made a mess of the morning commutes in many southern cities. Several schools either closed or delayed opening…

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