Channel Partners

Why Partner With ThinkGard? Because we’re committed to helping you grow your business

Customer Retention

As former full service MSP’s we understand the challenges you face.You can be confident that your clients are being backed up. That’s our only focus.

Increase Revenue Stream

Increase your bottom line while transferring the risk & hassle to ThinkGard.

Sales & Marketing Assistance

We believe in helping our partners succeed by assisting them in delivering their message.
Whether it’s marketing & sales support or an end user demo we have the resources to help you grow.

No competition with your other offerings

Business continuity, Backup & disaster recovery is all we do.

Predictable pricing

You’ll never have to go to your customer for extra charges for support & recovery so your margins will be consistent.

Do you ever worry about your clients not having adequate backups?

You just helped your client implement an on premise business solution that basically runs the company. Then you discover that they’re still carrying tapes or external drives offsite as their primary business continuity/backup and disaster recovery plan or they have no plan at all. Can the business survive without it for 24/48/72 hours? How much will it cost them?

ThinkGard manages your customer’s backups from beginning to end. It’s one stop Business Continuity

As a trusted advisor, when you recommend a software product to your clients, do you ask your them how they are going protect that product? Are they aware of how long recovery could take? Do you know what product or vendor to recommend?

At ThinkGard, we don’t take over IT departments and we don’t offer your clients a piece of software to manage. From providing written DR plans, daily monitoring & annual testing, ThinkGard is a partner your can recommend to your customers without ever worrying if you did the right thing.

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