ThinkGard Southeast Ransomware Roadshow

ransomware roadshow

"Even though I wasn’t in the market for ransomware protection, I left the event with some great ideas to take back to my team and had the pleasure of networking with like-minded folks!”

– ThinkGard Roadshow Attendee 2018

Upcoming Roadshow Events

Nashville, Tennessee
October 15, 2019

Event Venue:
Flemings Steakhouse
2525 West End Avenue,
Nashville, TN 37421

Huntsville, Alabama
December 3, 2019

Event Venue:
Ruth's Chris Steakhouse
720 Gallatin Street SW,
Huntsville, AL 35801

Space is limited. Reserve Early!

This invitation is exclusively for IT professionals and business leaders who are concerned about protecting their company’s most valuable asset from ransomware hackers and protecting them from downtime.

Join ThinkGard for an Exclusive Lunch
Is Ransomware in Your Budget?


Is Ransomware in your Budget?

Have you ever been told that you can’t have the budget needed to protect your data against ransomware but you can have all the blame when something goes wrong?

Please join Kevin Fuller, President & CTO of ThinkGard on August 20th at Flemings Steakhouse at the Summit, as he discusses the costs facing businesses & agencies related to lack of preparation and funding for ransomware attacks.

  • IT Pros will learn how to better communicate their needs as a department to their executive team who may not understand just how much risk is involved.
  • Executives will learn to communicate the true costs of a ransomware hit to their staff.
  • We’ll be providing you with a list of real-world examples and unfortunate events to take with you so when you present your budget, you’ll have real-life examples of what, how and why things went wrong and what could have been done to prevent these expensive disasters.

Space is limited. Reserve Early!

If downtime, ransomware or the threat of disaster is a concern for your business then please accept this invitation to enjoy lunch with ThinkGard’s executive team to learn more about protecting your company’s most valuable asset from being held hostage.

We hope you can join us. This invitation is exclusively for business leaders who are concerned about protecting their company’s most valuable asset from ransomware hackers.

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