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Free Webinar - Current State of CyberSecurity - October 29, 2020 11am CST

Everyone can agree that cyberSecurity continues to become a more integral part of business operations. October is National CyberSecurity Awareness Month and what could be a better way to observe it than Joining Cole Two Bears, VP of Security Services at ThinkGard for an overview of the current state of cybersecurity on October 29th, 2020 at 11am CST.

In this free webinar Cole talks about the current security threat landscape and how traditional security measures are no longer effective against cybercrimes and what you can do to ensure your network is secure.

You don't want to miss the opportunity for the Q & A Session after the presentation. Cole Two Bears is is dual Cisco certified, with his CCNP Enterprise and Security Certifications, Microsoft Certified, VMWare certified as well as CompTIA Security+ certified, a certified Ethical Hacker and is an esteemed spokesperson for Cisco.

Give us 15 minutes and you'll know if we're right for you.

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