Backups are not the solution to downtime


Do you need a backup, absolutely! Is backup enough to support your business, absolutely not! We all know that disasters happen, how you prepare can mean the difference between business as usual and costly down time. Without ThinkGard’s Intelligent Business Continuity, more than your data is in jeopardy.

Can you risk time, security and peace of mind? Can you wait for the slow recovery time of traditional backups? Our image-based backups can be instantly virtualized which equates to no downtime.

Can you risk using an untested backup? Did you know that over 50% of tape backups fail? Intelligent Business Continuity tests each backup and sends a screenshot to report its success. Can your current backup do that? Do you wonder if you are at risk using only one backup location? Can you wait hours, days or weeks to recover? Our hybrid cloud solution guaranties complete uptime.

Traditional backups may not be secure. Our end-to-end encryption protects your data in transit and in the cloud. Don’t put your data at risk! ThinkGard’s Intelligent Business Continuity is more than a backup, Intelligent Business Continuity is thinking about your business on a higher level.

Paul Franks is CEO and Co-founder of ThinkGard. He has over 20 years of Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Services experience.

You can contact Paul by email at or 205.564.2726