Questions To Ask Your Backup And Disaster Recovery Vendor

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When your data is being replicated to the cloud, finding the right partner with the expertise and skill set to ensure a successful DR strategy is important. To help you effectively evaluate DR vendors, here’s a list of the top 15 things you’ll want to ask them:

What’s included:

  • Do they provide a turn-key solution that is complete from end to end?
  • Do they manage the solution for you on an ongoing basis or are you on your own?
  • Do they have a pricing model that charges you based on your data usage in the cloud? Are their additional charges if you exceed a certain limit?
  • Do they include a DR plan or DR testing included in the cost or is that a separate project?
  • Do you only get offsite storage or can you also virtualize backups in the cloud if necessary?


  • Do they own their own equipment in the cloud or do they use someone else’s cloud storage?
  • Do they have full redundancy at every level of their infrastructure (data centers, servers, storage, power, people)?
  • Do you have a warranty for the backup appliance? Is it field upgradeable?


  • Do they have independent audit per year and can produce a report from that agency?
  • Do they have policies in place to control employee access to data?
  • Do they have fully end to end encryption?
  • Do they meet your compliance requirements?
  • Have they had any type of data breach in the past two years?


  • Is your platform developed to take advantage of the Internet browser, not a client you have to install to get to the console?
  •  What happens if decide your solution no longer meets my needs and want my data in an open file source that I can use with another vendor?
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