ThinkGard Announces Launch of New CyberGard Security Services

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August 12, 2020 – ThinkGard LLC, Pelham, AL announced today that they’ve added a new service and product line to their business. Founded as a Managed Service Provider (MSP) offering only backup and disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) in 2013, ThinkGard is now adding a Cyber Security Solution, CyberGard, to its offerings.

Paul Franks, CEO commented, “It’s only natural that we would progress in this direction. We’ve only been focusing on backup & disaster recovery and business continuity for the past 7 years and we’ve got that down pat. But we believe that backup & disaster recovery is only a reactive solution to the evolving problems with ransomware and data security. By offering cybersecurity on the front end, we can be proactive in helping our clients avoid becoming victims with services such as network visibility and endpoint protection. To ensure that we are as successful on the cybersecurity side, our engineers who are on the backup & disaster recovery side will never work on the security side and conversely, the standard will be the same for the security side. This keeps each team totally focused on their mission.”

Kevin Fuller, President, and Chief Technology Officer at ThinkGard said, “We’ve wanted to offer cybersecurity services for quite a while however we had to make sure that our backup & disaster recovery clients were not impacted at all since they were promised from the beginning that their technician’s sole focus would be on their backups. We didn’t have the security expertise in house that we have now and we considered outsourcing however we didn’t feel like we had the flexibility and control to offer the most secure solution. We are confident now that we have everything in place for the security services side of the business to replicate the success we’ve had on the backup and disaster recovery side.”

ThinkGard has a 100 percent customer satisfaction rating and even though they serve the private sector, ThinkGard’s DataGard solution has become one of the most sought after backup & disaster recovery solutions in the public sector market.

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