Video Evidence Lockers

Introducing the better storage option.
You’ve purchased body & dash cams to protect your officers and the citizens of your community.
Now you realize how expensive it is to store, retain & protect the data to adhere to state laws.
With today’s technology bad guys, worries & concerns over evidence tampering and data hacking are real.

At ThinkGard, we understand that data is expensive to store and protect
so we’ve developed a proven, secure, video evidence data storage solution.

Introducing the Video Evidence Locker

A reliable video evidence storage system that meets the needs of Law enforcement without breaking the bank.

The only video data storage device that delivers unlimited storage in the cloud for 1, 3 or 7 years time based retention.

With the option to turn the cloud off or on.

Stop worrying. It’s here, it’s affordable and it’s unlimited cloud storage!

“ThinkGard has been designed to help support law enforcement and other first responders using the most innovative technology available. Their services protect our responders from frivolous claims by keeping video footage for an extended period of time. Having 15 years law enforcement experience, I have realized firsthand how having access to video several years after an event is critical for prosecution and protection from false accusations. Thank you ThinkGard for your technology and support!”

-John L. Kessler, CEO of Community Response Systems.

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Tech Specs:

  • 500GB-60TB Storage lockers

  • Unlimited Cloud Storage for multiple years. (you choose).

  • In-place Upgrades

  • From Desktop to rack mounted server units

  • 3 Year Hardware Warranty & Insurance policy on every storage locker

  • Full data encryption to keep the bad guys out!

  • Free System Updates

  • FREE IT support

  • 24/7 System Health monitoring

  • Centralized Daily reporting

  • Real Time communication between Police station & Video evidence Data center