Welcome To ThinkGard

Welcome To ThinkGard

ThinkGard exists to help companies identify and mitigate business risks associated with technology.

In today’s world, companies depend on technology for everything.

  • Financial Management
  • Sales
  • Production
  • Communication
  • Analysis
  • Payroll
  • Proprietary Applications

When Business reaches a certain critical demand level, or accumulates a growing volume of critical ata, down time is unacceptable and data loss is unthinkable. Thinkgard’s goal is to custom design a strategy to insure a near – immediate recovery response and 100% data retention when disaster strikes!

Ask yourself the following questions:

How prepared are you for a tornado? Flood? Fire?
How quickly do you need to be back in operation after an interruption?
What is the value of a verified continuity process which insures real-time response capability?
Thinkgard will help you answer those questions and recommend custom solutions by conducting a Disaster Preparedness Assessment which includes the following steps:

Step 1: Risk Discovery

ThinkGard will perform a full-scale evaluation of your current technology environment. Our mission is to help you fully understand current inherent risks. You can never be fully prepared unless you know where you are vulnerable.

Step 2: Research and Assessment

ThinkGard will carefully evaluate the information gathered from the evaluation process and do the necessary research to identify the best approach to you’re your defined needs and desires.

Step 3: Service and Solutions Proposal

Thinkgard will present you with a customized proposal which details our recommendations for the necessary services and solutions needed to ensure seamless business continuity. Solutions that are designed to meet you response goals and that are testable to give you the confidence you desire.

For more information contact Lesilie Leonard, VP Sales & Marketing, ThinkGard.
lesilie@thinkgard.com / 205.564.2724

Give us 15 minutes and you'll know if we're right for you.

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