Zero-stress Disaster Recovery

Zero Stress Means:

  • Safe backup copies of your IT infrastructure in our bicoastal U.S. offsite data centers, offering protection from natural disasters and illegal access

  • Access to your data backups via our dedicated servers

  • Frequent backups of your business data on an hourly basis

  • Instant Virtualization of your servers, applications and data which can be used as a replacement within a few minutes in the event of an emergency

  • Monthly predictable invoicing for all your data protection services – with no surprise charges

  • Ransomware Detection

  • A goodnight’s sleep We really mean it. You can travel, leave the office and spend a stormy night not worrying if the backups were forgotten.

ThinkGard’s ZERO-STRESS Disaster Recovery isn’t just a solution where we sell you a piece of software or hardware and then tell you to manage it. It’s not a project where you have to form an entire team to understand and create your process.

In Fact, there’s no upfront expense for software or hardware

Your costs are predictable. No surprise charges

You’ll never pay additional charges to recover your data.

We even write and test your plan annually for you.

Instead of solely relying on an automated email that says your data has successfully backed up, one of our technicians has actually laid eyes on your DR system for an added layer of protection.

Zero-Stress DR is exactly what we call it. It’s a turn-key solution to protect your most important asset!