Protecting your data is our only priority

If you lost your critical IT systems and essential information due to natural disaster, theft, human error or system failure, do you have a strategy to get it all back? How would a disaster affect your income, your customer retention, your employee confidence, and your compliance?

Business Continuity is not disaster recovery. Each one is a distinct part of a bigger picture. Would you be confident today if you were audited by your largest customer?

Having great backups and fast recovery times are  important but they aren't enough to keep your data from getting stolen or your credentials from getting compromised. Where do you stand on security posture? We'll give you a free assessment!

An Ally for IT Departments
IT departments must manage changing and competing priorities and data protection & security often gets left behind. When you work with ThinkGard, your IT team is free to focus on other critical parts of your business.

Our Focus
Unlike other companies who include Data Protection & Security as part of a large complex offering, at ThinkGard, that is all we do. 

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