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Reduce cyber risk. Ensure business continuity.

For businesses who don’t have time for downtime, ThinkGard offers more business continuity, more value delivered, and less risk.

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CyberGard – Cybersecurity as a Service

Get comprehensive, powerful protection tailored for your business.

CyberGard is our flexible cybersecurity solution that helps you foresee risk, protect continuously, and respond rapidly.

Fulfill cyber insurance requirements with ease.

There’s a lot that needs to happen before cyber insurance carriers will cover you. We make it easy.

Boost your compliance readiness.

Whether you need to meet PCI, HIPAA, or SOC requirements, we’ve got you covered.

Get continuous monitoring, management, and protection.

Unburden your team with proactive, round the clock monitoring, management, and maintenance of your threat detection tools.

Get rapid response when a crisis strikes.

With full service incident investigation, containment, and response, you can rest easy knowing you’re prepared for any and every crisis.

DataGard – Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

Dependable, full – service backup & disaster recovery that helps you sleep at night.

DataGard is the enterprise-level data backup & disaster recovery solution built for small to mid-sized businesses.

Safeguard your municipality against ransomware and natural disasters.

Get a “set it and forget it” offsite backup solution with multi-layer redundancy for everything you have on a server and in the cloud.

Minimize downtime in any crisis or incident.

With annual development and testing of a disaster recovery plan, your team will feel ready for any crisis.

Our clients choose us because we help them sleep at night.


Provide extensive expertise to help you foresee and fortify.

We invest the time and effort it takes to have deep knowledge of the threat landscape, the tools we work with, and the sectors we serve. Because it is our business to think ahead so you don’t 
have to.


Get a reliable response delivered with a steady hand.

With roots in disaster recovery, crisis does not shake us. In fact, it's where we shine. With us, It's never "What's your SLA?" it's "When you need us, we'll be there. Minus the red tape."


Have a trusted advocate in your corner, always.

We exist to ease the pressure placed on IT leaders. We’re here to make you look good. And that’s not a pitch, it’s a promise.


"I have been using this solution for many years, even before it was Thinkgard. We were initially a Quest Logix customer then moved to Thinkgard and the quality has only improved.”

Marty Gosnell
IT Manager/ Systems Administrator, Readers Wholesale

At ThinkGard, we do the things that need to be done so you can focus on the things you want to get done.


Superior Integration of Products and Services

Most providers sell a range of unrelated products. ThinkGard looks at the bigger picture, leveraging one motion to do many things. This gives you more visibility, more integration, more protection, and more bang for your buck.


Here for Support – Not a Takeover

Get a trusted advocate you can count on to be in your corner, take care of tedious tasks, and help your team become more efficient and effective.


Smart Solutions 
– Not All The Solutions

With ThinkGard, you won’t ever get oversold or bait-and-switched. Instead, you’ll get true partnership, trusted guidance, and robust support.


Do More with Less

ThinkGard's holistic solutions can take the place of SOC requirements imposed by compliance mandates or cyber insurance carriers.


Fast Implementation, Easy Onboarding

With a white-glove approach and no backlog on our end, switching to ThinkGard is simple and fast for you.


Quantifiable Value Delivered

As your partner and advocate that helps you assess and quantify the impact of things like downtime and data loss, YOU feel equipped to justify your spend to non-technical stakeholders.


“Backups and DR are consistent. Does what it is supposed to do. Never an issue.”

David Owens
Information Technology, Johnstone Adams

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