With ThinkGard, you get more.


Extensive expertise to help you foresee and fortify.

Proactive preparedness for all of your “What ifs”

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A reliable response delivered with a steady hand.

Consistent readiness for all of your “What nows”

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A trusted advocatein your corner.

Support you can count on wherever and whenever you need it.

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Expertise to help you foresee and fortify.

Proactive preparedness for all of your “What Ifs”

At ThinkGard, it’s our business to think ahead so you don’t have to.

We foresee possible crisis scenarios, then we fortify your defenses with a layered security approach. 

Because we’ve seen firsthand that a tailored approach that leverages one motion to do many things gives you more protection,  and more bang for your buck.​

  • Programmatic Approach

    Because we believe in tailored, integrated security programs, not siloed point solutions.

  • Proactive Preparedness

    Because you need someone who doesn’t just think about plan A, but plan B, C, all the way to Z.

  • Specialized Expertise

    Because robust protection requires deep knowledge of the solutions we offer, the sectors we serve, and the tools we leverage.

Compliance Standards
Industry Partnerships
Reliable response delivered with a steady hand.

Reliable response for all of your “What Nows”

With our roots in disaster recovery, one thing’s for sure: crisis does not shake us. In fact, it's where we shine. 

Whether a tornado ravages your office, or an inadvertent click releases malware throughout your network, you can rest easy knowing that our experts have extensive experience in the trenches of a crisis. 

So when you find yourself in a situation saying, “What now?” you can rely on ThinkGard for prompt, experienced, and dependable crisis management.

  • Speed and Reliable Response 24/7

    Because when you’re in the trenches of a crisis, every second counts. You need someone who you can count on to be there when you need it.

  • Multi-Layer Redundancy 

    Because with multi-layer redundancy, you can reduce your risk, minimize downtime, and have trust and confidence in your protection.

  • Deep Experience in Crisis Management

    Because when you find yourself in the trenches of a crisis, you’ll want a calm, methodical response you can trust to support you through it (whether or not it’s explicitly stated in our SLA).

<1 hour RTO

Recover in less than an hour

1 hour RPO

Backups are done every hour


Customer retention post-incident

93.2 NPS

and 97% customer retention

A trusted advocate in your corner.

Our most valuable currency is your trust.

You can count on us for straight-shooting advice that’s about reducing your risk - not increasing our bottom line.

We’re the people who can help you identify the path forward for your security strategy… but we’re also the people you can count on to fill your gaps, or maintain and monitor your security infrastructure. 

At the end of the day, we’ll do the things that need to be done so you can focus on the things you want to get done. Because we’re not in the business of taking over IT departments. We’re in the business of protecting them. 

  • Partnership That Gives You Peace of Mind

    Because in order to find rest, you need to have confidence that things will get done right the first time. 

  • Integrity in Solutions and Promises

    Because we understand that transparency, straight shooting advice, and an unwavering commitment to your success is the key to long-term partnership.

  • Pricing with Clarity and Common Sense

    Because billing surprises aren’t fun for anyone, we offer flat rate pricing with unlimited support.


"ThinkGard has been an enormous asset. Leveraging their team to provide security solutions and monitoring of our infrastructure has allowed our internal IT team to focus on building effective solutions to improve efficiency throughout our organization"

Josh Royle
Director of Technology, Buchanan County Missouri

“ThinkGard, their product line and their staff keep my data safe. They are always looking over my shoulder to be sure our services are running correctly. I am thankful to have them at the top of my vendor list.”

Joe Mosheim
Local Government Health Insurance Board

At ThinkGard, we do the things that need to be done so you can focus on the things you want to get done.


Comprehensive Strategy, 
Multi-Layered Protection

Access expertise that helps you foresee possible crisis scenarios and fortify your defenses with a layered security approach customized to your business.


Smart Solutions 
– Not All the Solutions

With ThinkGard, you won’t ever get oversold or bait-and-switched. Instead, you’ll get true partnership, trusted guidance, and robust support.


Here for Support –Not a Takeover

Get a trusted advocate you can count on to be in your corner, take care of tedious tasks, and help your team become more efficient and effective.


Fast Implementation, 
Easy Onboarding

Get a fast and frictionless implementation process delivered with white-glove service.


Quantifiable Value Delivered

Get the visibility, the support, and the data to quantify the value of your security investment and justify your spend to non-technical stakeholders.


Predictable Pricing

With common sense pricing designed for rigid government billing cycles, you will never have to worry about missing budget.​

Cybersecurity and BDR are complicated. ThinkGard makes it easy.

Comprehensive, proactive protection built for today’s threat landscape.

For IT leaders who need to extend their in-house resources so they can proactively prevent cyber threats, CyberGard is the answer.


Safeguard your organization against any and every crisis.

For organizations who don’t have time for downtime, DataGard is an enterprise-level data Backup & disaster recovery solution for you.