CyberGard by ThinkGard

Flexible cybersecurity solutions built to fill your gaps.

IT leaders turn to CyberGard for risk reduction, threat prevention, and rapid response to threats in all their forms.


Flexible Cybersecurity as a Service

We're committed to robust protection and swift response. That’s why we offer industry-leading solutions that evolve alongside the threat landscape.

Foresee Risk

Access ThinkGard’s cybersecurity expertise to think through every possible “What if” scenario.

Fortify Defenses

Get help building a strong, adaptable foundation of cybersecurity resilience.

Protect Continuously

Get proactive 24/7/365 monitoring, management, and optimization of your security tools.

Get Rapid Response

Get full response – from containment and investigation to proactive remediation – delivered by cybersecurity experts.

Josh Royle Testimonial

“ThinkGard provides a comfort of knowing someone has my back when it comes to security. Having a trusted team to help with configuration and monitoring not only adds reliability to my network, but it also saves me and the taxpayers I serve money.”

Josh Royle
Director of Technology, Buchanan County Missouri
Meriweather County GA

“Excellent customer service, often knowing a problem has arisen before I can even notice. Helpful and pleasant whenever we have contact. Fantastic company and people!”

Matthew Brown
IT Director, Meriwether County Georgia
Foresee Risk

Get a partner to help you think through every “What if” scenario.

  • Strategic advisory (vCISO)
  • Annual development and testing of cyber incident response plan (CIRP)
  • Regular tabletop exercises with your IT staff to prepare ahead of an incident
Fortify Defenses

Take a more prevention-focused approach to your cybersecurity strategy.

  • Security architecture and integration
  • Threat research and threat hunting
  • Ongoing maintenance and optimization of security tools
Protect Continuously

Unburden your teams with continuous monitoring, management, and optimization of your threat detection tools.

  • Proactive 24/7/365 monitoring and management of CyberGard security platform
  • Daily research and monitoring of the threat landscape
  • Custom reports with advanced analytics delivered as often as you’d like
Get Rapid Response

Get rapid response from a team you trust when you find yourself in the trenches of a crisis.

  • Full-service incident response
  • Incident investigation and containment
  • Proactive remediation of threats

Why CyberGard?


Instead of chasing market share or latching onto the latest cyber buzzword, we invest the time and effort it takes to have deep knowledge of the solutions we offer, the markets we serve, and the tools we work with – because it’s our business to stay ahead of threats so you don’t have to.

Here for support – not for a takeover

Get a trusted advocate you can count on to be in your corner, take care of tedious tasks, and help your team become more efficient and effective.

Smart solutions – not ALL of the solutions

With ThinkGard, you won't ever get oversold or bait-and-switched. Instead, you'll get true partnership, trusted guidance, and robust support. 

Fast implementation, easy onboarding

Get a fast and frictionless implementation process delivered with white-glove service. 

Clear, predictable pricing

While many vendors offer "special pricing" to get your organization in the door, only to hike up prices after a year or two, we offer clear, predictable, no surprises pricing. With us, it's clear what you're getting (and you often get even more). 

CyberGard solutions are designed to get you to the next level of cybersecurity resilience – whatever that means for you.

Our process always starts with a simple question: What are the things you don’t want to have happen in your organization? And that question always leads to more questions.


Where do you 
stand today?

We want to get to know your organization, your compliance landscape, the challenges you're facing, and how your success is measured.


Where do you need support?

We're not here to fix what isn't broken. We’re here to get your cybersecurity or disaster recovery posture up to the next level. The role we play is entirely up to you.


How quickly do you need a solution?

Our onboarding and implementation process is all about speed and simplicity. Leave the heavy lifting to us... and get going in as little as two weeks.

Let’s chat.

Give us 15 minutes and you’ll know whether we’re right for you.