Is your cybersecurity or disaster recovery strategy keeping you up at night?

As an IT leader, your mission is to simplify technology for your users, while keeping your organization's data as secure and reliable as possible. This can often feel like you're walking a tightrope between user-friendliness and robust protection.

We get it. What you need to know about, manage, or maintain keeps growing. And if you can't remember the last time you went a day without questioning whether what you're doing is enough, it might be time for reinforcements.

That's where ThinkGard comes in.


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Source: CSO Online, World Economic Forum, IBM
Brian Conley Testimonial

"I would wholeheartedly recommend ThinkGard to any colleague without hesitation, and I confidently give them a score of 10 [out of 10]. Our experience with ThinkGard has been nothing short of exceptional. They've been our trusted partner for server systems and Microsoft 365 backups for years. Their reliability and expertise have proven invaluable, particularly highlighted during a critical time of need. When a tornado disaster struck, ThinkGard was instrumental in ensuring our data was safe and recoverable. This experience solidified our trust in their services. They haven't just provided us with a service; they've given us peace of mind knowing that our important data is in capable hands. Their team's professionalism, efficiency, and dedication to client success are commendable. Choosing ThinkGard has been one of the best decisions for our organization's data security and recovery strategies.”

Brian Conley
IT Director, Bryan County, Georgia

At ThinkGard, we understand the challenges faced by IT leaders and proactively provide solutions for your peace of mind.

At ThinkGard, we go beyond being an MSSP with BDR services; we equip IT leaders with not only advanced cybersecurity and BDR tools but also the essential support to use these tools effectively, ensuring you can confidently handle any 'What ifs' and 'What nows' for a truly worry-free and restful experience.

We help IT leaders focus on what they do best.

You need a partner who goes beyond providing another tool for you to manage. At ThinkGard, we combine superior technology with superior service, equipping IT leaders with everything they need to navigate all of their “What ifs” and “What nows” with confidence and clarity.

An extra line of assurance for all of your “What nows”


Proactive prevention for all of your “What ifs”


We help IT leaders take control of their time.

You need a partner who goes beyond providing another tool for you to manage. At ThinkGard, we combine superior technology with superior service, equipping IT leaders like you with everything they need to navigate all of their 'What ifs' and 'What nows' with confidence and clarity.

Provide extensive expertise to help you foresee and fortify.

Superior technology backed by superior service and seasoned expertise.


Get a reliable response delivered with a steady hand.

With roots in disaster recovery, crisis does not shake us. In fact, it's where we shine.


Have a trusted advocate in your corner, always.

We exist to ease the pressure on IT leaders. It’s not a pitch, it’s a promise.

Compliance Standards
Industry Partnerships

We’re here to help you fill gaps so you can be more effective. Here’s how:

Our process always starts with a simple question: What are the things you don’t want to have happen in your organization? And that question always leads to more questions.


Where do you stand today?

We want to get to know your organization, your compliance landscape, the challenges you're facing, and how your success is measured.


Where do you need support?

We're not here to fix what isn't broken. We’re here to get your cybersecurity or disaster recovery posture up to the next level. The role we play is entirely up to you.


How quickly do you need a solution?

Our onboarding and implementation process is all about speed and simplicity. Leave the heavy lifting to us... and get going in as little as two weeks.

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“Thinkgard, their product line and their staff keep my data safe. They are always looking over my shoulder to be sure our services are running correctly. I am thankful to have them at the top of my vendor list.”

Patrick Johnson
IT Director, Alabaster, Alabama

We’re the people you call when you need reinforcements.

By supporting the organizations throughout the US that back you, partnering with ThinkGard means you’re not just getting a service provider but an advocate who stands with you in the trenches of a crisis. You can count on us to address vulnerabilities proactively and to be your sounding board and trusted confidant, guiding you to a stronger cybersecurity strategy.


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