Meet ThinkGard

We are technology risk management experts who provide a turn-key disaster recovery solution that includes all the components you need to be as protected as possible without breaking the bank.

An Extension of Your IT Team

Offering multiple recovery strategies where your backups are virtualized both locally and in the cloud. Our managed service approach includes the creation of your disaster recovery plan which is then tested annually. We become an extension of your IT team and exist only to enhance the systems and infrastructure that you already have in place.

Solely Focused on Disaster Preparedness

Unlike other companies who include backup service as a part of a large, complex offering, at ThinkGard, business continuity, backup and disaster recovery is all we do. Your IT department must manage changing and competing priorities, and Disaster Recovery often gets left behind. When you work with ThinkGard, your team is free to focus on the other critical parts of your business.

A Fully-Managed Approach

ThinkGard employs a fully-managed approach to Disaster Recovery including design, implementation, configuration, documentation, ongoing management and testing. We shepherd the entire process and truly become a part of your organization.

Our Mission

To partner with businesses & agencies to remove the anxiety associated with the risk of data loss, downtime or complete paralysis of their operations.

In other words...We help people sleep at night.

Can you recover your systems within seconds of a loss? 

Give us 15 minutes and you'll know if we're right for you.

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