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10 Reasons Why IT Leaders Decide Not to Buy Backup & Disaster Recovery Systems

It amazes me how many IT Directors and Administrators who shop for backup and disaster recovery solutions never commit to buy. Not from us or any other vendor. We typically ask them why they didn’t purchase. The data is in and here are the top 10 reasons they don’t update their Backup & disaster recovery systems:

1. No Budget

They say they have no budget but are willing to pay the ransom when they get hit with ransomware, which, many times cost more than purchasing a new DR system while knowing the odds of getting infected are higher than not. Did you that 7 out of 10 CEO’s have admitted to paying the ransom?

2. It’s part of their job

Many IT Administrators handle BUDR themselves because it’s in their job description. The result: They have so many competing priorities including backups that they’ve spread themselves too thin. Hey, they’re “keeping things going” and besides nothing catastrophic has happened yet.

3. They are hesitant to ask for the money

We usually call this C-Level/IT Disconnect. It’s when IT leaders don’t think they should ask the executive team for more money while the executives have just handed them a budget assuming the company’s IT needs are being met. Read more about C-level IT disconnect here.

4. They believe implementing a new DR system will turn into a full-blown project

What they don’t know is that it doesn’t have to be a long drawn out project when your provider has a process that makes a DR system Turnkey!

5. They are afraid that it might not work

Many would rather do nothing because, so far, things are okay. They believe the risk of change is too great. And besides, who wants to be responsible for doing something cutting edge?

6. They’ve been oversold or undersold in the past

They’ve had a slick sales rep come into their lives who, for some reason, could sell winter coats in Hell and they bought something that they are stuck with that doesn’t meet their needs.

7. They don’t like dealing with sales people

See previous reason #6.

8. They love pressure

They absolutely love backup & disaster recovery, love DR testing and updating documentation, cannot get enough of restoring systems & files and love being responsible for the company’s most valuable asset. In addition to that, they thrive on sleepless nights and working while on vacation or holiday. Okay, this one is not true. No one has ever said this to me.

9. They haven’t completed their contract term with their current vendor

They are committed to a system whether it does what they need it to do or not. They are stuck.

10. They haven’t heard of ThinkGard

Most people who we’ve come across who have already invested heavily in backup & disaster recovery solutions mostly meet their needs, say that they could kick themselves for not taking a look at ThinkGard first. Which tells me that reaching more people through our sales & marketing efforts has got to improve.

So with the exception of #8, we only really have 9 reasons. If I’ve left a reason out, please feel free to add your reason(s) in the comments!

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