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IT Departments & MSPs Are Not Disaster Recovery Experts

Crippling data disasters begin with the misconception that a business is immune to data loss threats. This is because business owners mistake “Disaster” to mean fire, flood, or tornado. “I have lived in this town for thirty years and I’ve never seen a tornado,” they say.

But natural disasters are only a portion of data-loss concern. In reality, seemingly smaller events can cause just as much damage… maybe even more!

ThinkGard is here to help you think through all of the What if’s…

  • “What if a top-level executive leaves and takes secure data out the door?” Sabotage!
  • “What if a server fails during your busiest season?” Critical Down!
  • “What if a laptop with mission-critical information is lost?” Gone, Gone, GONE!
  • “What if passwords or unencrypted data is stolen?” Cyber Piracy!

And the list goes on and on.

You Don’t Know what You Don’t Know

Since every business relies on technology for its most crucial functions, it is necessary to get expert advice on what COULD happen. It is common to find unexpected risks in technology platforms that, if left unattended, will be an Achilles Heel when disaster strikes.

On an average day, any IT Professional could have the following To Do List:

  1. Manage help desk tickets
  2. Plan for aging equipment
  3. Teach Lunch-n-Learn on new software
  4. Test drive new software
  5. Maintain firewall and network routers
  6. Answer questions via online knowledge base
  7. Fix printer jams
  8. Update workstations
  9. Replace Coffee machine

‘And… Provide perfect business continuity planning and backup protocol.

The truth is…

IT Departments have a lot going on, and it’s easy to lose track of how the backups are running. When they have many different competing priorities within the environment, backups and disaster recovery often get left behind.

By The Way….

Managed Service Providers, or MSPs have competing priorities as well. They are often in charge of upgrades, software, e-mail, LAN lines, and cellphones. Plus, these professionals often have little or no formal training in Backups, Disaster Recovery, or Business Continuity. If they are trained, it is often in ONE backup method, and even if that method is not based on the client’s individual needs, they simply go with it because it’s the one they know.

The Bottom Line is This….

“Nearly 50% of companies who suffer a data disaster never open their doors again.”

Because loss of data is so damaging, companies cannot afford to have incomplete Business Continuity Plans. ThinkGard walks clients through a comprehensive evaluation to ensure that, in the wake of a disaster, they will be up and running again in minutes. This is a 100% peace-of-mind guarantee. In addition, we do not have any other competing priorities. All we do is Data Protection.

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