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Enterprise Plus is the pinnacle of our security offerings. In addition to the benefits of our other offerings this solution offers nextgen Network Access Control. This provides information on the who, what, when and how network connections are made. This allows for a decreased threat surface and enhanced enforcement of security policies. Contact us for a complimentary Security Posture Assessment!

  • Advanced Malware Protection
    AMP protects endpoints and networks during all stages of the attack cycle, before, during and after. AMP for endpoints is an agent-based installation that constantly scans for IoCs ( Indicators of Compromise). This covers both signature-based and behavioral-based detection. Based on behavior, this means zero-day attacks can be detected before they are known in the wild. AMP for endpoints also offers in-depth retrospective analyses and verdicts. If malware flows through the system, AMP is capable of going back 30 minutes or even days later to remove the malware. AMP for Endpoints works with Mac, Linux, Android and Windows, and it is the only solution certified to run on iOS. This solution is fully PCI and HIPPA compliant as a true AV replacement. AMP also scans endpoints for CVE (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures). AMP for networks allows for integration with routers, firewalls, email and web appliances. This integration adds an additional layer of traffic scanning for a holistic view of the organization. The additional visibility ties into file/device trajectory to allow administrators to see process and packet level threats. Both AMP solutions use data analytics to prevent malware from executing an endpoint or at the network level. If an issue does occur, AMP allows for immediate remediation.
  • Email Security
    Year after year, e-mail continues to be one of the top threat vectors. The Cisco ESA protects organizations from both external and internal email threats. The ESA can be a physical, virtual or cloud-based solution for filtering email. The ESA offers DLP (Data Loss Prevention), encryption and other standard features offered amongst competitors. ESA scans incoming emails based upon customer policies, reputation, content and information provided by threat intelligence feeds. The key differentiator for the ESA is its ability to integrate with other Cisco Security Services. While multiple e-mail security solutions exist, there’s no match to its performance when Cisco Security products are integrated.
  • Cloud Security
    Just like an umbrella protects you from the rain, Umbrella protects endpoints from external web threats while providing a high degree of visibility, regardless of physical location. Formerly known as OpenDNS, Cisco acquired it in 2015 and expanded the DNS only filtering to act as a firewall and secure web gateway. This allows endpoints to have their web traffic filtered both while on premises and remotely. In today’s working environment, this is needed to protect a remote workforce. Umbrella ties in its data analytics with AMP to provide detailed insight to endpoint behavior and network visibility. Although there are many competitors in this space, there is nothing out there that can match the feature set.
  • Firewall
    Firepower is the next-gen response from Cisco for a firewall solution protecting the entry point to networks.
    Cisco produced firewalls before its competitors were ever in business. Cisco’s integrated security, unified threat management and threat intelligence provides the protection and visibility and organizations require in today’s threat landscape.
  • Network Monitoring
    Stealthwatch provides in-depth visibility into traffic across the network, generating an alert as soon as there is a deviation or potential malicious traffic. This is using the Cisco NetFlow protocol, IPFIX and most recently the Flexible NetFlow protocols. Stealthwatch can be thought of as a phone call history of every device in the network and integrates with other Cisco Security products to provide visibility into malware and anomaly detection.
  • Identity Security
    ISE (pronounced ICE) is a next-gen network access control and identity management platform, only allowing preselected devices to connect to a network. ISE builds context of the who, what, when, where and how networks are accessed by endpoints. ISE utilizes this data to enforce security policies, minimizing time to detection and remediation.
  • Management, Monitoring & Incident Response
    Yes! Our Cyber Defense Service is Included in our flat rate pricing.

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